Excellent BW tester website

Have you ever curious how fast the internet bandwidth do you have when you download some big files on the NET ? There’s a lot of website out there providing us some tools to measure the bandwidth, whether it is Downlink or Uplink bandwidth.

Today, I just found one of the excellent tool for this purpose. It’s called SpeakEasy. I like the interface very much, it’s very eye catching and easy to understand. We can use this tool to measure the Downlink and Uplink Bandwidth between our PC and their Server in USA. We have to pick one of their server by clicking on one of it and then it will measure the Downlink/Uplink Bandwidth by asking our PC to download some file and then re-upload it to their server. The analog view of Bandwidth Meter will appear and when the measurement finish, it will display the result in the bottom of the page both for download and upload speed.

Cool huh ????
Why don’t you try it… and get to know how fast is your actual international bandiwidth is.

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