Moving to another hosting provider

After more than a year I use SingCat to host my lovely domain, I decide to move it to another Webhosting Provider. Fyuuhhhh……. experience is the best teacher, I totally agree about that.

There is some points that make me consider to choose one hosting provider than the others i.e :

  • They have to provide me as cheap as possible for at least 200MB disk-space. I can tolerate maximum 300k rupiahs a year. More than that ? Sorry, I have to find another one. It will be nice if they can free me the domain renewable fee, and of course without any setup fee.
  • Their server should have average uptime at least 99,9%. It is critical since we need our website to be accessible anytime.
  • Daily backup ! Yappp, this is important. They have to remotely backing-up all of their server’s content every single day.
  • They should have a good and responsive 24/7 Customer Care team via web or phone. You can imagine if you have a complaint but your provider never response within a day maybe ? Just say good bye to any provider like that.
  • They have to provide me with some good features and management tools, eg: current release of cPanel, parked-domain, FTP access, unlimited sub-domain, MX Record modification, and also completed Apache module (like mod_rewrite etc).
  • I don’t care about how many email account they can provide me since I always use Google Apps to host my email with my own domain. More space and more reliable 🙂

Yappp….. my previous hosting provider didn’t show their good performance in front of my eyes, so I have to find another one.

Fortunately, I have enough experience using iMediaBiz service to host my Community website. And that website is never down since 8 months ago, really good performance. One that I can give them my two thumbs up is their responsive Support Team. Within minutes, I can get my brief answer of my question or my complaint.

But unfortunately they do not provide me with a good Domain Management tool, so I keep my domain still in SingCat while my hosting in iMediaBiz. Complicated but fun 🙂

Btw, this is what I concern while choosing any domain reseller :

  • I should have a right to change my domain contact details.
  • I can lock/unlock my domain.
  • Privacy protection feature is there.
  • I can modify my Name Server.
  • I have a right to “Move Services” my domain to another account in the same registrar.
  • I can modify my domain secret/authorization code. So I can transfer my domain to any registrar.

The most important thing is I should have the right to do all of the task above with my own hand without any help from the reseller (by phone or email). Because the domain is mine, so I should have super-power of the domain management.

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