About Me

Andy Harlis Saputra

  • Occupation : Transport Network and Broadband Access Integration Engineer
  • Company : PT. Ericsson Indonesia
  • Location : Jakarta – Indonesia

What I’m saying about myself
Struggling to survive in the middle of wild city Jakarta. I never regret what I’ve done before, but I’ll push myself to get whatever I want. Dream is a challenge for me….. there’s always a simple way to make our dream come true. Make sure your heart is clean and do whatever you want with responsibility and respect to others. I like a new challenge and dare to be different than the others. I hate a static and quiet life, that’s why I’m easy to be bored. For me…. life that has a full surprise and high challenge is a REAL life.

Blogging, chatting, swimming, playing billiard, travelling, and of course sleeping….